Dog Food Bowl for Fast Eaters

Dog Food Bowl For Fast Eaters, Good or Bad?

Some dogs have a tendency to attack food when the meal time comes. This habit becomes worse as they live with other dogs and tend to show the obsessive manners.That’s why most dogs will eat faster. They gulp the food once at a time without chewing it and tasting it.

Why Can Easting Fast Be Dangerous?

Most pet’s parents don’t pay attention to their pet’s habit. Whereas, the eating speed will lead to several conditions that are not healthy at all. This greedy behavior should be changed when you see the dogs behave this way. Why?  Most dogs that eat fast can suffer from gastric dilatation-volvulus or GDV. Most of us will call it bloating as a result of too much fluid, air, and food in the stomach. The dog often looks tired, restless and want to vomit something but it couldn’t throw it up. The possibility of death due to this problem is often high.

Why Are the Dog Food Bowl for Fast Eaters Recommended?

Pets that eat rapidly are likely to chock, vomit and suffer from GDV. The dog food bowl for fast eaters are designed to help the dog prevent this condition with the following function:

  • Slow down the eating habit. This bowl is often designed with a maze or obstacles inside the bowl to prevent the greedy act. This will make the eating time a challenge which they should take the food slowly
  • Reduce the habit of gobbling the food all at once. It even can prevent the bloating and behave your dog well.
  • The bowl is designed to encourage the pet to eat more. The barriers often challenging. That’s why the dog will see it as a toy.

Why Can the Dog Food Bowl for Fast Eaters Be Dangerous?

Be aware of the design since this can leads to chipped teeth. Some dogs are sensitives and likely to upset when they cannot fix the challenge. Therefore, the will bite it instead until they reach the food.

  • It has a possibility to give a chance to your dog to suffer from the gastrointestinal distress.
  • As your dog is upset and gives up to reach the food, it tends to flip over the bowl instead which will leave a terrible mess.
  • The more complicated design, the more difficult to clean. Just make sure to opt for the one with simple barriers.

How to Choose the Dog Food Bowl for Fast Eaters?

The are several things to consider before buying this kind of bowl including:

  • Material – if you opt for the stainless steel material, choose the one with heavy duty feature to prevent food drop. You can opt for the ceramic for nicer design or the plastic with BPA-free license to make sure it is safe.
  • Barriers– Barriers matter the most. This will determine your dog eating speed. But be careful! As the food is too difficult to reach, this might lead to an upset behavior. Like we have said before, your dog will flip over the bowl to get the food.

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