Top 3 Best Placemats For Dog Bowls

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39. Placemats For Dog Bowls

Does your dog eating greedily and splashes the water while drinking? You must be lazy moping the floor too often. That’s why the placemats for dog bowls will lift your burden. Here are the most top placemats for dog bowls you should put on the list.

PetFusion Pet Food Mat

If you are too lazy to clean the spills on the dog’s feeding area, the PetFusion Pet Food Mat will be your greatest stuff to be put on the list. The mat is available in three sizes beginning from 18-inch x 12-inch  up to 34-inch x 23-inch.

This a simple dog’s mat that is made of silicone. It is a flat mat that is equipped with the base to prevent the move. The mat is very flexible and stable with bumps that hold the bowl stronger. The silicone is FDA-approved, so you don’t have to worry as your dog will possibly lick or chew the mat.

Most reviewers say the mat is stained easily which means you have to clean it often. Some dimensions of the products are misleading, so just make sure.

WooPet! Pet Food Mat

Do you wish something like a tray but it is designed like a mat? Well, if so this is the answer. The WooPet can be placed under the dog bowls or water fountains. It is quite high to prevent the spills on the floor.

The dimension is 24-inch x 16-inch which is very great for your dog to trip over. Made of 100% silicon, you don’t have to put too many worries if the dog chews it. The mat is guaranteed to be non-toxic and free allergens. You also can clean it in simple ways by wiping and washing it as well.

Some weakness makes users might don’t really like the mat that much. The mat is not designed imprints which make the food stuck on it. Some disappointments also come from the size of the edges of the mat.

iPrimio Dog Feeding Mat

iPrimio is not that large like another mat we have reviewed before, but it is still comfortable with 22-inch x 14-inch. t has no spill edge with 3/8-inch and embossed with logo making the mat looks stylish.

The mat is made of premium silicone and very hygienic. It folds easily as well so everyone can bring it to other places. It is also very stable for the playful eaters.

However, there are some cons that make you little bit uncomfortable. The mats are slippery so when the dog step over the mat, it will not be very good. Some others complain about size which is misleading.

That’s all our quick review about the top 3 of placemats for dog bowls. If you think those stuff can’t help you that much, train your dog using water bottles or automatic water dispenser to prevent more spills. Some pet owners say it is very helpful to resolve the sloppy hound eaters. Some bowls are also designed specifically to prevent the mess. Combining the placemats for dog bowls will help you very much.

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