Important Things to Know About Baby Proof Dog Bowl

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38. Baby Proof Dog Bowl

Your toddler has a tendency to grab and eat everything chewable, it includes the dog bowl. Well, then this case becomes puzzling.  At the same time, you want to keep the dog’s dishes and food clean, but as you put it indoor, your toddler seems to be very excited to grab it and play it. Looking a baby proof bowl? Well, this sounds very helpful. But you have several tips below to apply before buying the new!

  1. It is better to start introducing the dog to your toddler (ask to the pediatric about your toddler condition. Is it allowed to contact with a dog?). If yes, allow him/her to fill the food by giving a scoop and pour it into the bowl. At this time, keep the dog away until the food is ready. Both baby and dog should be ready. Explain as well what you are doing and explain your toddler cannot chew or anything from the dog. Your baby love imitating what you do with the bowl, so explain clearly.
  2. As you feed the toddler, feed the dog as well in the morning and evening. At first, when this is not your pups habit, it will be more difficult. More over if you don’t have a baby proof dog bowl. This is somewhat a mess. Whereas, the baby proof dog bowl prevents aggression from toddler so you can avoid a mess.


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That’s why, as you feed the dog at the same time your baby too, it signals to both that it is eating time and they have their own meals, so your toddler will understand she/he will not reach the dog’s food.

  1. The next step is distracting the toddler with toys and ask the siblings to play with her/him so the pet can eat and drink freely.
  2. When the toddler suddenly catches the food bowl, use stern voice but never yell. Say “No” as a sign of prohibition that the bowl and food are for dog only.
  3. Remove the dishes once the dog has eaten the food. It includes the baby proof dog bowl. just remove it to teach your baby that this is not allowed.
  4. How to Choose the Baby Proof Dog Bowl?
  5. Opt for the Automatic Dog Feeder
  6. As you have trained the dog to eat at the same time with your baby, now it is time to use the automatic dog feeder. This can be set automatically right at the time your dog eating. So you can keep all the worries while you are far from the baby.
  7. Convert a drawer as elevated dog feeders. This will save the food from the toddler. However, make sure you keep this stuff away. So the toddler cannot reach it.
  8. Make sure each dog bowl has a lid. This will save the dog’s food from sudden attack while you are out of charge to watch the baby. Make sure once the dog has finish eating, place the lid to protect the food.
  9. Using water bottle for pups is the essential thing. This will reduce the mess caused by the baby and dogs.

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