3 Best Slow Feed Dog Bowl You Must Buy!

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37. Best Slow Feed Dog Bowl

Most dogs will attack the food as if they haven’t eaten in days. As result, the eating speed becomes faster to make sure they gulp all the food and they might think they would not eat again after that. It is no surprise if the dog tends to be greedy and also sloppy while eating. However, this can lead to some serious problem including choking, bloating and regurgitating which can threaten the life. Also, dogs tend to drink too much. If you don’t stop this habit,¬† this will lead it to the terrible condition called hyponatremia. So, these are the best slow feed dog bowl you should put on the list.

Outward Hound Fun Feeder

Outward Hound Fun Feeder - Dog BowlsThere is no doubt that the slow feeding dog bowl is really good. You probably will not like our option, but it is the best inexpensive product we find so long. It is very enjoyable dog bowl completed with the maze design inside that can help your pup eat slower. The top features that make us love the Outward Hound Fun Feder are:

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  • PVC, BPA, and phthalate free
  • It can hold up to 2 cups
  • Dishwasher free
  • Prevents obesity and bloat
  • Make the eating time fun and enjoyable

However, the cup is only available in two sizes with 2 cups and 4cups sizes. If your purpose is to feed a large dog, maybe it is not the best option. But when it comes to training the dog to eat slowly, this can be used as a training to eat in smaller portions.

Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Bowl

Dogit Go Slow Anti-Gulping Dog Bowl - Dog BowlsWe guarantee this is not a fragile item. The material is great and sturdy even though you don’t like the design. However, this is still playful for your dog. It looks so wonderful with the following features like:

  • Good for wet and dry food. If you have a dog that eats and drinks rapidly, this is the best option.
  • This encourages the pet to eat at a slower pace so you can prevent the vomiting and indigestion and also bloat.
  • The maintenance is very easy as it can be placed in the dishwasher.


OurPets DuraPet Slow Feed Premium Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

OurPets DuraPet Slow Feed Premium Stainless Steel Dog Bowl - Dog BowlsWe are really amazed since the dog bowl design is really cool. It raised positive feedbacks from customers for a cheaper item. Other excellent features are including:

  • It is made of heavy stainless steel along with molded rubber ring to prevent sliding so the bowl will not move and flip over. Your floor will be cleaner and fewer spills.
  • It is easy since it can be put in the dishwasher.
  • It can hold up to 5 cups for dry food only.

Apart from the best slow feed dog bowl above, there are also some training that should be conducted to slow down your dog eating.¬† You can serve the dog’s food with a cookie sheet to prevent more gulping. The cookie will force the pet to lick it more rather than gobbling it all at once. Besides, train the dog to eat in a small portion. It is hard at first, but when it is done frequently, this will be helpful.

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