36. Spill Proof Dog Bowl

Spill Proof Dog Bowl Is Not Enough! Try These Trick To Stop the Spills!

The spill proof dog bowl often picks as the greatest weapon to avoid splash and spills. We should understand that dogs constantly access the fresh water. They dunk the nose and chin together and it leaves a terrible mess. Some of them might flip over and push it around as they see it as a playful toy. Well, we often blame this on the dog bowl, so we look for the best design to prevent this. Anyway, a chance to see the mess on the floor is still possible. So, we think the spill proof dog bowl is not enough. Check our tips.

Containment Trays
If you think the spill proof dog bowl doesn’t work at all, you can place a tray as a defense to stop water reaching the floor.  The shallow tray like the catering tray is a good help. There are also many trays designed specifically for pets to keep the feeding area neat. Just go to the pet ware store and buy the Butler rugs, pet trays or doggie feeding trays. The colors are most attractive.

To avoid potential damage, you just simply move the spill proof dog bowl. If the dog is free to play outside, move their dish outside will save your floor. If you think it is difficult to do, you can install the bathroom floor in the feeding area. This is waterproof and easy to clean.

Buy Heavy Spill Proof Dog Bowl
The dogs have a tendency to flip over the bowl and chew it. The main problem is your pet ware is too light so it is easier for them spills the water. That’s why we suggest you opt for the heavy material like ceramic. Another benefit you can take is the interesting designs and colors. It is less harmful and the coating will not contaminate the food.

Another option to stop the spills drop on the floor is trying the elevated dog bowls. However, you have to make sure the stands are waterproof and the height is appropriate.

Water Bottles
You can train your dog to start using the water bottles. Strange as you often see it for rabbits and rodents? Well, all pet mammals can use it. The advantage of using the water bottle instead of the spill proof dog bowl is the impossibility to splash out. Ask for a large rabbit if you cannot find the one that’s specifically designed for puppies. However, keep in mind to place the mat under the water bottles after you install it on the wall to avoid water drop.  At first, it is little bit difficult for your pets. You can provide the additional water in the bowl after the exercise done.

That’s all our suggestion about how to stop spills from your dog’s drinking time. Training the dog to drink well without leaving the spill is not easy. But you can do some tricks to prevent the mess. One thing you can do is don’t let the dog play too much because this will make it thirstier and lead to drinking too much.

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