Pros and Cons Slow Dog Feeder Bowls

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35. Slow Dog Feeder Bowls

Most pet owners are worried about the signs of bloating appear after eating.That’s why they often find out slow dog feeder bowls to help the pup slow down the eating habit.  However, does it really work?

Most articles said the slow dog feeder bowls has been successful to train their friend. The maze design inside the bowl will be the perfect obstacle to prevent the dog gobbling the food once at a time. As result, bloating risk can be minimized.

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However, there are many bowls designed too rude to make it more challenge. Instead of helping the dog eating, this causes some side effects which you should concern.

1. Chipped Teeth
Many slow dog feeder bowls are supported with the barriers. In fact, most barriers are designed too sharp so it leads to chipped teeth. It happens due to is encouraged to bite the barriers more often as they cannot reach the food at the best.

2. Non-Edible Materials
Most slow dog feeder bowls are made of non-edible materials including plastic. Some materials are considered harmful as the dog always tries to chew it. As a result, they suffer from gastrointestinal and other things due to its habit.

3. More Mess
Do you think buying a slow eater dog bowl can reduce the mess? You are totally wrong! In fact, the pups create more mess, drop the food and once they are upset for not being able to reach the base, they often flip over the bowl and then eat it. Cleaning the residual food is annoying.

4. Harder to Clean
To be honest, some slow dog feeder bowls are hard to clean, especially the one with complicated maze design.

How to choose the right bowl for fast eater?

There are some ways to choose the right slow dog feeder bowls. We think the following information will help you:

1. Simple Design Better
It is better to opt for the simple design. Choose a bowl with less maze and barriers to separate the dog’s food. The challenging dog bowl is good to help them slow down the speed, but when they are upset, your dog will simply just flip over the food and eat it all at once.

2. Avoid Plastic
We all know that plastic is harmful to pets. It contains chemicals that can contaminate the food. Besides, your dog will easily bite the plastic barrier as they cannot reach the food and it is a bad idea.

3. Blunt Barriers Instead
To avoid chipped teeth, it is better to opt for the blunt barriers. It is safer while preventing the dog to chew it.

4. Better Way to Help Fast Eater?
Using a single slow dog feeder bowl will not help that much especially if you opt for the simple slow dog feeder bowls. The best way to train the dog is to divide the food into small portion. If your dog eats three times a day, you can divide it into 6 times a day. You let the dog eat more frequent without letting them gobble too much. The last, don’t let the dog play before and also after the meal time.

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