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The Best Three Bowl Dog Feeder Recaps

The three bowl dog feeder is effective for you who have two or three dogs in the house. Your pups must be very happy and enjoy the meal time with fun. This also reduces the competition among dogs since the bowls are separated. However, there is one problem you always find with the triple bowl, the dogs often jostle so they cannot eat with the piece. So, here we recap you some best products!

Triple Bowl Dog Feeder – Bone Design – 5″ Tall

Triple Bowl Dog Feeder - Bone Design - 5 Tall

Even though only has few reviewers, the Bone Design has a perfect shape ever without making the pets jostle. The bowls are not designed for single lines, but it is made with a triangle shape so the pups can eat well. This is the perfect three bowl dog feeder with heavy-duty iron construction. It is very good for a larger breeder.

The legs are completed with non-skid plastics so the stands will not move and damage the floor. It includes 3 stainless bowls and black wire stands. The bowls can hold 1 qt.

However, if you are not the ones who spend some money or only allocate a minimum budget, this might be little bit expensive, beginning at $45.

Malm Woodturnings – Corner Triple Bowl Design

It is a hand-crafted bowl. Made of Ash wood, the bowls simply accentuates your home with 3 stainless steel bowls. THe wood is water-based Satin Smooth Finish. What we love is the corner shape makes the dogs eat with comfort. It is available in 5 color shades.

The holder is low, so it is not purposed for a larger breed. If you wish higher elevated dog bowls, this is not a good idea.

Melia Raised Wrought Iron Triple Bowl Dog Feeder

Melia is designed for the spoiled dogs. These triple dogs series is sturdy with ceramic bowls and steel holders. The designs are stunning with nice prints inside the bowls. We always love the Melia product to its accentuate design.

Apart from the heavy duty dog bowls with heavy ceramic, the Melia triple dog bowls seems a little bit expensive. You also have to buy the bowls separately. Since, if you are the one who invests the money with high-quality dishes, this stuff is one of the best to be put on the list.

Raised Dog Feeder with Storage

We found it on Etsy with nice rustic storage and three stainless steel bowls. The storage is made of a pine with min wax.  For such unique hand craft, it is no wonder if the price is a little bit expensive with $165.

The lift can be lifted easily without spilling the food into the containers. The best thing to underline is the customer can make a custom storages based on the dog’s need. Give the details correctly so you can meet your fittest three bowl dog feeders.

That’s all our suggestion about the best three dog bowl dog feeder. Make sure to measure the height of your dog to decide the best height by measuring the paws up to its shoulders and subtract it with 6-inch.

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