Plastic vs Stainless Steel vs Ceramic Slow Feed Dog Bowl

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ceramic slow feed dog bowl

The dog bowl’s material often comes to be a debatable issue. Some people think that using less-quality material is OK. In fact, their body reacts like ours too as it gets too much exposure from chemicals.

Another issue that comes to the pet’s parent¬† is the tendency to chew everything excited in front of them. It includes the bowl. Dogs attack the bowl since they think it is a toy. Besides, they often eat too fast as if they will not eat again after that, making the meal time as a competition. That’s why people often choose for the ceramic slow feed dog bowl and they think it is safer. However, isn’t that true? Well, let’s see our finding below!

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Plastic vs Stainless Steel vs Ceramic Slow Feed Dog Bowl

Let’s forget the slow feed dog bowl. This has been proven many times can help slow down the eating speed. Our problem here is of the material.

Durability – In terms of durability, for the young pups this might be a little bit harmful. They tend to chew verything including the dog bowl. Moreover, if it is a slow dog bowl. Some designs make the pups upset and opt for flipping over the bowl to eat faster.

Bad Bacteria – The plastic is prone to crevices and process which lead to bacteria builds up. Besides, this material has dangerous material including the BPA or Bisphenol A that causes terrible diseases.

The ceramic slow feed dog bowl often considered to be less harmful than plastic. Most of them are dishwasher free and safe to be placed in oven and microwave.

Chemicals and bacteria – Ceramic is claimed to be safer and will not contaminate the food even though it is finished with the coating. There is less chance for the bacteria build up since the ceramic slow feed dog bowl is easy to maintain.

Durability – Even though it is claimed to be more durable and sturdy, but you have to be careful that some dogs will push on the bowl and it leads to crack. The cracks, however, is difficult to clean and dangerous for your pups once they lick or chew it.

Stainless Steel
The stainless steel dog bowl is one of the most favorite items. It is used also as the kitchen ware of professional chef and used as medical purpose. The best thing to underline from a stainless steel dog bowl is less harmful. It is claimed to be less chemical so your pets are healthier.

The only cons that might be experienced by the user are the steel taste. Your dogs might not like it very much. Besides, the tendency of flipping over the bowl is high if you don’t buy the heavier dog bowl. Compared to the ceramic slow feed dog bowl and plastic slow feed dog bowl, this ceramic bowl is the winner. It will not crack even though you throw it away and drop it on the floor. It is considered to be safer. Maybe the only problem you face is the price!

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