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You Have Greedy Eater Friend? Slow Eater Dog Bowl Is Not Enough!

Many pet parents are busy to seek for the slow eater dog bowl due to a reason. Yes, it is purposed to train the dog to eat slowly.

If you are still asking why we should concern about eating speed, just understand that as the pet eat too fast, it doesn’t chew the food, so they eat more often and it will lead to damage organ. It is also associated with greedy behavior which your dog will be too possessive to own its own food when a friend comes asking a share. Another bad condition as the result of eating fast habit is the GDV (Gastric Dilatation- Volvulus). The dog eats and drinks too much. Mostly we call it bloat.

What Causes Eating Fast Behaviour?

For some reasons, kittens and puppies always make eating as a competition to get enough food. This habit is brought to the new home and that’s why this becomes very dangerous. Besides, it is also caused by the parasitic that causes them cannot absorb the nutrients so they tend to be hungry all the time.

What Do I Have to Do to Stop This Eating Habit?

  • Buying a slow eater dog bowl is a wise option. Most slow eater dog bowls are designed with the maze inside the bowl as an obstacle so the dog will not gobble the food all at once.
  • Try to divide the eating time into small sections. If your dog mostly eats three times a day, you can divide it into small sections to be 4-6 times a day. This will keep the pup stay fool without taking too much food and drink.
  • Choose higher fiber diet. It mostly works since the dogs feel full longer. The fast eating habit mostly stops.
  • Try to feed the pups in a separate room to minimize the competition while using the slow eater dog bowl.

There is a number of slow eater dog bowl you can buy. But there is a number of favorite material including the steel, wood, metal, and ceramic. Each material has each own strength and weakness. You can pick them base on your need.

The metal or steel are both very easy to clean. They are also durable and less harmful. Forget all plastic products and move to the metal or steel material. However, it is very rare to find such interesting design, but for you who are really concern about the pups health, this works.

Meanwhile, the ceramic has the most favorable design.It comes with various color and models. Besides, the ceramic bowls are mostly heavy, so it is little bit difficult for the dog to flip over the bowl, so you may get less dirt. However, some dogs, of course, love playing, including a push on the bowl and it is fragile to break which can damage it. The cracks are also little bit difficult to clean, so if you decide to put it on the stand, make sure you find out the strongest holder.

The last is the wooden dog bowl. We haven’t found such an interesting design of slow eater dog bowl from wooden material. However, this wooden bowl can add more beauty to your home style. For you who wants to spend more budget on this product, you can opt for it.

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