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3 Best Splash Proof Dog Bowls For the Clumsy Pets

Unless you are OK with the splashes that come along after your pups drinking, you need a splash proof dog bowl! Having a clumsy dog is not a mistake anyway. But this would be some trouble to clean all the dirt after all.

The needs of splash proof dog feeder somehow a crucial think if your dog frequently digs the water bowl. It causes resentment if the pup drops mouthful of water onto the floor.  Well, that’s a crucial case to fix now. For shorts, we have summarized a number of best dog bowl for you.

Most Recommended Splash Proof Dog Bowls

Slopper Stopper
Maybe it is one of the most popular splash proof dog bowls you can buy. It seems highly recommended for you with impressive features offered. The bowl reduces the water spills and prevent it from accidental slips and also falls. The lid is completed with the snap which functions to keep the ears and beards dry. Besides, the bowl is completed with adjustable water level knock-outs leaving you less worry about choking.

This splash proof dog bowl has been reviewed 4.1 with an impressive price tag at $29.50.

Road Refresher
It is another great dog that can be your next option. This bowl is promising to keep your floor dry and has been guaranteed to prevent the splash. The feature offered are as follow:

  • Eliminate the spills and slobber as well.
  • The bowl is equipped with great which keeps the ears and beards dry while drinking.
  • It is easy to clean and travel-friendly.
  • The Road Refresher is also completed with Velcro bottom base which is slip-free.
  • It can hold up to 54 ounces minimum but you can ask another size to meet your need.

Road Refresher has gotten a good reputation. It is an affordable splash proof dog bowl and seems very good to prevent the sloppy drinkers spill more water. However, you need to refill the water more often as it cannot hold a huge amount.

Hyrex Torus Dog Water Bowl
If you wish a splash proof dog bowl with a sleek design, the Hyrex Torus dog water bowl can be an alternative. The bowl is very stable with excellent base design, so your pup cannot spill over the water. It is also a super portable dog bowl which you can take on the go. There is also a filtered water feature keeping the water fresh and cool. This will encourage your dog to drink more and stay hydrated.

Final Recap
Those splash proof dog bowl is good for your pets. While some dog bowls like Sloppy Stopper and Rod Refresher sound good, but you have to refill the water more often. This kind of dog bowl probably fit for you who love to bring your dog traveling. This stuff still appropriate. But when you leave your pups for too long, never put the water in these bowl since you leave them dehydrated.

Another option like the Hyrex Torus Dog Water Bowl can be your alternative to the larger dog and for you who are too busy to refill the water. However, it needs frequent cleaning to keep its safety and prevent bacteria build up.

A nice thing to underline is the bowl will still be stable even if the water level is low. It still distributed some weight. However, if you are a pet owner who concerns too much on the bowl material, this bowl could be not for you. It requires a frequent cleaning for preventing the potential issue.

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