3 Most Recommended Indestructible Dog Water Bowl

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29. Indestructible Dog Water Bowl

Does your dog like flipping over the bowl or chew it? If so, you have to find something heavier than you use now for your pet. The indestructible dog water bowl will be the best option for you. So, what comes first in your mind? If you think the concrete bowl is the best one, you almost right. It prevents you from your pet that is too eager to chew everything they think interesting. The concrete bowl is also heavy and unbreakable. However, there is one thing we miss out. It is difficult to find a concrete dog bowl that supports dishwasher. Luckily, today we find a bunch of solution and alternative. We find some products that are less dangerous, still heavy and great as pet dishes.

Best Indestructible Dog Water Bowl

Heyrex Torus Self-Filling

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The sloppy drinkers are the trouble maker on the floor. The Heyrex Torus Self-Filling combines high-tech features including filter and also spill proof bowl. As it is featured the charcoal filter, this stuff will make sure the water still fresh with incredible capacity. This can hold up to 6 liters of fresh water.

There is no electricity to keep the water taste good. You even don’t need the battery so you can bring it as the travel pot. The dimension is 11.42-inch x 12.2-inch x 5.91-inch. It is made of plastic anyway. Be sure to wash it regularly using hot water to minimize the bacteria build up.

Apart from that good things offered, this bowl is pretty expensive. But you might feel good to have such a nice product for your big friend.

Slopper Stopper

It is super great indestructible dog water bowl. The messy drinkers (cats and dogs) won’t make a mess anymore. THe key features to note is the snap on the lid will keep the ears and beards dry. It also prevents the water off the floor. What a perfect indestructible dog water! By having this features, some healthy advantages will help your dog to gulp up too much. No spills on the floor anymore!

It is recommended to use medium size (45-75 lbs) since it will help the smaller pups to reach the water. However, if your dog is a professional bowl chewer, this probably won’t work since it might be encouraged to chew the rubber plug.

Indipets Stainless Steel

If you wish safer indestructible dog bowl, the Indipets Stainless Steel is designed specifically to avoid the spills on the floor. It is durable, easy to clean and free from a dangerous chemical. Some dogs have a tendency to chew plastic, but if you put stainless steel, it will stop the habit. There is skid rubber bottom. That’s why it will not slide all over the floor. Another good thing to remember is the bowl can hold 64 Oz of water.

If you don’t really like those option we provide above, the ceramic dog bowls can be an alternative. However, make sure you find the thickest one, so when it drops, it will not crack easily to keep the dog safe.


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