Your Pet Like Flipping Over the Food? Use Weighted Dog Bowls!

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28. Weighted Dog Bowls

Raising a large dog sometimes creates trouble which it likes playing the bowl. Flipping over the bowl, pushing it on and so on, sometimes it makes your worry about the floor. Of course, it leaves stain and mold which will cost so much. That’s why you need to find such weighted dog bowls to prevent you from such trouble.

How Can Weighted Dog Bowls Be Safe for My Dogs?

It will not flip over

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Your dog often moves the body and paws during eating. Some of them push it on. It is no wonder if they leave spills afterward.

Raised dog feeders with weighted dog bowls is safer

Large breeders with thin dog bowls, especially that is made of ceramic will be dangerous if you place it on the strands. Sometimes the bowls drop and it cracks and damages the pets as well. Besides, the pieces are hard to clean.

Having the weighted dog bowls will be safer for you because mostly it doesn’t crack easily even though the pet accidentally drop it. Having a hyperactive dog is not a mistake, you only need to conduct yourself on how to care them.

What Material Mostly Comes as Heavy Bowls?

There are two types of dog bowl we know coming as the weighted dog bowls; ceramic and stainless steel. Anyway, not all material come as heavy bowls, you have to make sure its thickness and look for reviews about it. Meanwhile, the stainless steel is also suggested. It last longer and unbreakable. Unfortunately, the stainless steel is more expensive than another item. However, it is worthy if you wish a super high quality heavy bowls.

What Are the Best Weighted Dog Bowls?

There are a number of weighted dog bowls you will find outside. However, we cannot determine which is the best product, but we will inform you the two most-wanted items.

Jeffers Heavy Weight Stainless Steel Bowls

It is one of the most popular heavy pet bowls that will prevent your pets spilling over the food and water. The bowl is made of high-quality 20 gauge stainless steel. It is super strong and stands up for heavy use. Even, the bowl is really appropriate for the tough chewers.

Another features to note is the corrosion resistant, smooth surface and will not result in odor and stain. It is also dishwasher safe. There are many sizes you can pick from 8 fl. oz until 1 gallon.

PetWeighter Large Heavy Dog Bowl

For you who are looking for dog accessories, this PetWeighter is the new solution to prevent your pet spilling over the water and food. You can fill the base with water sand and water gain. It can give the weight up to 13 kg. Put the bowl on the base and you don’t have to worry about that paws. The bowl is detachable so you can clean it and stay hygienic. One thing to remember, don’t put this stuff under 5 degree and above 40 degrees to keep its quality.

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