Non Spill water bowl for dogs – travel-friendly edition!

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Bringing your pet or dog while traveling with you is really fun. You also don’t have to worry what they are supposed to do alone by itself in the house, right? But other things will come up in your mind; how they eat, drink, and how they stay in comfort at that time. Therefore, bringing the non spill water bowl for dogs is one of the best solutions. Then you can make the vacation to be more relaxing.

Since some dogs have the different way to drink like some of them drink messier than others, this would be a trouble for you as well. The faster drinkers also often spill the water when they are drinking. It is quite dangerous for your dog’s health and the floor as well. Besides, it put your house and surrounding dirtier, even they could get the hiccup or even throw up.

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That’s why you still need to purchase any non spill water bowl for dogs, here are some reviews to help you opt for:

  1. Road Refresher

This item is a great dog water bowl for traveling. It keeps your dog dry and prevents the water from spilling out everywhere. This product earns 4.5/5 rating. Here are other features offered:

  • It is designed to eliminate spills and the pet slobber as well.
  • The design keeps the long ears dry while drinking.
  • The bowl can be taken apart so it will be easy to clean.
  • It is completed by a Velcro bottom base which can be attached to the carpet and prevent spilling.
  • Available in many sizes. The famous one can hold 54 ounces.
  1. Sloppy Stopper

Another outstanding water bowl in preventing the messy splash, Sloopy Stopper. It is designed with a snap on its lid which can force the dog’s whole snout down into the funnel. Other features offered by this 4/5 rated of non spill water bowl for dogs are as follow:

  • The snap on its lid makes your dog’s fur dry even while drinking. This thing is also removable so you can clean them easily.
  • The product is claimed can reduce messy water trail and spill by up to 85%.
  • The design help to prevent your dog to get choking as well.
  • Available on holding 48 Oz of water.
  1. Torus dog water bowl

This non spill water bowl for dogs is a self-replenishing water bowl. Since they also have an inbuilt reservoir and carbon filter system, they ensure to remove debris and impurities in the water.

In addition, this bowl can be mechanically set to auto dispense water, unlock cap when you want to refill, and locked them if you want to bring traveling. The specific features are:

  • Have 2 liters capacity
  • Its weight is 1.13 kg
  • Available in 4 combination colors; charcoal and white, blue and white, green and white, red and white.

Hope you guys find out your favourite non spill water bowl for dogs on the official sites of the products.

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