This Easy D.I.Y Dog Bowl Riser Will Blow Your Mind

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The dog bowl riser

The dog bowl riser is a necessity for some pet owners, especially the ones with older dogs which mostly suffer from the joint pain. Unfortunately,  it is really difficult to find the right bowl riser height in the store. Yeah, it is troublesome. Fortunately, you can make your own dog bowl riser by your self. It is less expensive and fun to do as you can make a custom dog bowl riser with special accessories you like. How to Make Your OwnDow Bowl Riser?

Measuring the Dog’s Height
The actual height you need for a riser should be decided well. You need to measure your dog’s height from the floor to the shoulders. After that, subtract the result with 4-5-inch. This would be your dog bowl riser’s height.

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Look for a Simple Trash Can
Look for a metal trash can as the base. But you also could find a plastic as well. Avoid the ones that have grooves and beveled walls.If you have a big dog like a Great Dane, the6-gallon paint bucket will be a perfect choice. Just don’t forget to remove the handle.

Grab a Rimmed Dog Bowl That Has the Same Diameter Like the Trash Can
Find out a rimmed dog bowl that has the same diameter. If you cannot find it, look for a plastic lid which can sit well on the trash can. After that, cut a hole to fit it through.

Measure the Circumference and Also the Height of the Trashcan
Add extra inches since it is easier to cover the bigger bowl.

Cut a Sheet of Fabric
Be sure to choose the fabric that fits with the home decor. Choose a cotton, linen or canvas.

Paint the Trashcan
Paint it a stripe of Mod Podge down inside it, after that, press the fabric into it. You can use a decoupage glue if you don’t find the Mod Podge. Glue the fabric inside the trash can then fold the extra fabric at the edge of the trashcan and glue it down. If you find any excess fabric and simply one to cut it, just wait for it until it dries well. It will be easier and save your scissors. Set it out under the sunlight when the glue is taking too long.

Finish with the Acrylic and Stencil Painting
If you like, you can finish the trash can by painting it with acrylic and stencil. Wait for the paint to dry and coat it with the Mod Podge. The next is wrap the trash can with the rope at the bottom and the trim.

Glue the trash can down, but until right above the bottom edge to make the trash can stand still. Using hot glue would be much better since it dries easily.

Place the Bowl and Fill It with Food
If you find the trash can unstable while standing, you can fill it with some rocks before placing the dog bowl.

Now your D.I.Y dog bowl riser is ready to use. Happy trying!

Note: wrapping the trash can use another material with the same thickness and sturdiness.

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