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35. Slow Dog Feeder Bowls

Pros and Cons Slow Dog Feeder Bowls

Most pet owners are worried about the signs of bloating appear after eating.That’s why they often find out slow dog feeder bowls to help the pup slow down the eating habit.  However, does it really work? Most articles said the slow dog feeder bowls has been successful to train their friend. The maze design inside…

three bowl dog feeder

The Best Three Bowl Dog Feeder Recaps

The three bowl dog feeder is effective for you who have two or three dogs in the house. Your pups must be very happy and enjoy the meal time with fun. This also reduces the competition among dogs since the bowls are separated. However, there is one problem you always find with the triple bowl,…

dog water bowl with reservoir

Top 4 Dog Water Bowl With Reservoir

Keeping the pups stay hydrated is very crucial to keep it’s healthy. But the problems come when you don’t have time to refill your dog’s bowl, especially when you are away from the furry friend. So, that’s why having a huge dog’s dishes are very important including the dog water bowl with the reservoir. This…